Why I started the Elementary Cook

My name is Alexis and I am the creator, writer, cook and alpha recipe tester at The Elementary Cook. I believe a well-made home cooked meal is one of the simple joys of life. It can win you the girl or provide a lasting memory for your kids. I started this blog as a way to revive the lost art of home cooking.

The Beginnings of an Obsession

Food has fascinated me from a young age. It all began with watching over my mom’s shoulder in our small kitchen. My mom’s cooking was standard fair for Midwest USA. Lots of cream of something soups, pasta, salt, and pepper. More often than not the side dish was plain canned or frozen vegetables. Not exactly the height of culinary excellence. This distinct lack of flavor quickly led to my obsession with learning to cook for myself.

I screened The Food Network intensely. Even going so far as to take notes for future reference. I read every cookbook from start to finish. (Ok maybe I am just a nerd). Not only did the methods and techniques of adding new flavors fascinate me, but the science did as well. I learned to cook in an entirely different way than my mom. While she followed recipes as a bible, and I found myself experimenting. Using simple techniques and just a touch of food science behind the madness.

By the time I was 17 cooking was second nature. I could tell with just a taste what needed salt or vinegar and I was enabled to dig through the pantry and come up with a meal with next to no ingredients.

At some point in my high school career, I realized just how few of my fellow students could barely boil water. When left to their own devices they relied solely on convenience food and take-out to survive.

Jumping Ahead

I assumed naively that they would learn as they go to cook by themselves. Now, I am 22 years old, living on the opposite side of the world with my wonderful husband. I work in admin with professionals of all ages and am always astonished to learn how few of my colleagues have actually learned to cook since high school.

I believe that everyone can learn how to cook. Whether it be to serve a great date night meal, weeknight dinners or just providing your special other with a non-burned meal. The Elementary Cook is for everyone from the beginner to the novice.

With Love,

Alexis Schwartz

The Elementary Cook