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Hey everyone!

I have had a few weeks off from my day job and I feel so much better for having time to catch up on all of the projects around the house. I’ve organized my office, cleaned the kitchen, prepped some freezer meals, and most of all took some well earned time off.

With this short-lived lifestyle change in mind here are 4 things I can’t live without during my vacation.

  1. RealPlans – Everything you could possibly want in a meal planning program. Highlights include a shopping list that allows you to add notes about your favourite products, shows what recipes utilize which ingredients to make finding substitutes easy as pie, oh and a drag and drop planner. Now, they do not offer a free trial period, but the annual costs works out to ~2$ a week. So I think it is well worth the cost even you only end up using the shopping list.
  2. Food Processor – I purchased my food processor last year from a Breville Outlet Store. I knew I wanted a food processor for shredding, slicing and of course processing for things like hummus and toum (Lebanese Garlic Sauce). You know normal stuff. This beast has quickly become my favourite tool and is well worth the sacrifice of counter space. If you are planning on increasing the number of vegetables in your diet I highly recommend picking this up. The ability to French fry a pound of sweet potatoes in under 5 minutes is an absolute lifesaver.
  3. Podcasts –
    • Adventure Zone- 3 Dorky Brothers fumble their way through a Dungeons and Dragon’s Campaign. Did I mention they love stupidly good jokes and ridiculous tricks to get out of the most benign scenarios? Because the story is f-ing hilarious.
    • The Black Tapes – Hair-raising docu-drama that will have you thinking about it weeks later.
  4. Knitting – I have been knitting since I was 8 years old. Although I have always gone through ebbs and flows with my knitting. Sometimes knitting 2-3 projects a month and then other times going months without touch yarn. For the past year, I have been knitting a lot. I find it a perfect way to actually take a deep breath and stop thinking about everything else. Right now I am working on a beekeepers quilt exclusively. I started this quilt two years ago and have only been knitting a puff or two between projects. I have officially exceeded the 100 puff mark and have gotten a spot of motivation for this quilt. My new year’s resolution is to knit 1 puff a day for all of 2018, mostly because that will be 365 puffs and I will be done with this quilt.

In addition, I have almost finished The Adventure Zone, do you have any podcast suggestions for when I have completed it?

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to push forward into 2018!